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Policy24 module includes all the tools that Council need to manage policy documents through their
lifecycle. This includes planning and other statutory documents like District and Regional Plans,
Engineering Standards, Bylaws as well as other spatial plans.
Policy24 integrates spatially to GIS layers like Zones and Overlays as well as enabling land uses to
provide Council staff with a platform for managing these documents and process.
Policy24 provides tools for the public to search the policy register, read, search and print policy
When it comes to City, District or Regional Plans Policy24, integrated with GIS, provides an online
enquiry tool for staff and communities. This allows people to access planning information any time
anywhere on any device. This includes the planning rules for a property, rules specific to an activity or
development at the property and potential council assessment processes.
Policy24 then allows this to be applied to the consenting and assessment process to enabled guided
assessment to ensure consistency across applications.

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